DIY Saturday – PVC Tote Storage Organizer

This past Christmas was the first time we really got to take advantage of our PVC Tote Storage Organizer…and it works perfectly. No more did we have to move a bunch of totes to get to the one we needed. Yes, we still go crazy when decorating the house for the holidays. But, both the decorating and un-decorating took less time. And…it all looks so nice when it’s put away.

Being Womanly

When I started this blog I said that I would include different kinds of posts…including craft ideas. This will be my first post of something my hubby and I actually did in our garage. It was one of the first ideas I pinned from Pinterest and it was inspired by the following picture:

This seemed like a perfect solution to our problem. We have over 50 totes of various sizes stacked in our garage…most of them holding Christmas decorations. (I go a little crazy at Christmas time.) Anyway, it never failed. Regardless of how we planned, we would always need the tote at the bottom of the stack. At the end of Christmas, we would take extra time and put the totes back in a particular order…knowing how we typically decorate the house. It didn’t matter…we would still need totes at the bottom of the stack. With a system similar…

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